The Tappoo family has established a charitable foundation to benefit a large cross-section of the underprivileged in Fiji.

The Tappoo Group of Companies executive director, Kanti Tappoo, said the company decided to this as part of it s commitment to community and nation building.

“The need for the foundation arose because the Tappoo family’s ever increasing philanthropic activities had grown to the extent that a formalized structure was imperative,” Mr. Tappoo said.

The setting up of the foundation will coincide with the 65th anniversary celebrations for the Tappoo Group in 2006.

Projects launched this year are planned to be completed in time for the celebrations in August 2006.

The foundation will consolidate the various activities of the Tappoo Group and the Tappoo family in social, educational and community based projects.

The Tappoo Foundation will be officially launched with the opening of a new school wing (dedicated to Hema Tappoo, the late wife of Yogesh Tappoo) at the Sai School in Drasa, Lautoka in February.

Tappoo Foundation (Tappoo Charitable Trust) is registered under the Charitable Trust Act of Fiji.

“Tappoo family is committed to make Fiji a better place for all, irrespective of race, religion or creed. The Tappoo Group has been supporting numerous charitable and sports activities in the past. Now Tappoo wishes to promote specific projects that will benefit the community at large,” Mr. Tappoo said.

Source: The Fiji Times, January 18, 2006

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