Vibration training is taking Australia and the world by storm as the new way to add resistance training to your work-out and the ultimate in losing post baby fat.

Vibration is scientifically proven to tone and firm your body, increases your metabolism so you burn more calories, reduce cellulite, increase strength and power, increase bone density and dramatically improve circulation and flexibility. Vibration is also recommended for when you’re trying to lose unwanted post baby weight.

Mother of baby boy and highly sought after media personality, Andi Lew, is a big believer in the VT-12 Vibration machine and has been using the CardioTech machine to help shape her body back to its sexy pre-baby state.

Along with her husband Dr Warren Sipser, Andi co-wrote the highly regarded book on wellness; 7 Things Your Doctor Forgot to Tell You. Andi is a well-known face on Australian Commercial Television and now also the inspirational face of CardioTech; representing fit, healthy, new mums all over Australia.

“As a health author and health professional, I felt pressure to get my pre-baby body back quite quickly as mums are always asking me for fitness tips. Thank goodness for breastfeeding and vibration training which shredded the weight off and I’m more toned than ever before!”

The best part about vibration is you only need to use it for 10 minutes to achieve benefits similar to an hour work out in the gym making it extremely convenient for new mums. Bubs can even sit in the same room as you shake your way to that beautiful pre-baby body.

CardioTech VT12 vibration machine is now available exclusively at TappooCity and Tappoo Home & Leisure stores Fiji wide.

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