• In respect of our Nadi Department Store, we have acquired the adjoining shop space, as well as a sizeable ground floor space across the Street, and have undertaken to renovate the entire complex, so that it meets our new bench mark set here in Suva.
  • Similarly, we have acquired a whole row of shops adjoining our Sigatoka Department Store, with a view to doing the same.
  • To illustrate that our investments do not only cover our ‘Big Ticket’ items, we have also undertaken to fit out our Shops in Resorts and Hotels across this country – both existing and newly acquired.
  • And finally, less than two months ago, we were very proud to have the Honourable Attorney-General and Minister for Trade and Investments, officiate at the opening of our new state-of-the-art Fruit Juice Plant in Lautoka.
To be sure, all this costs a fair bit of money. It requires not only an investment in bricks and mortar, but in Technology, Personnel, Merchandise and Training.

But we will pay what needs to be paid. For, our investment in ourselves is also an investment in our Fellow Citizens, and an investment in our Country’s Economy. And we are happy to do our part to keep Fiji’s rotor turning.

In this regard, we are also mindful of our Social Responsibility, and our undertaking to be a Good Corporate Citizen.

Although our Parents were not fortunate enough to have had the opportunity for formal education, they ensured that we were brought up on Principles of Ethics and Morality.

The new Tappoo City, soon to be constructed in Lautoka.

Those Principles dictate that “Success in the absence of Benevolence”, is not worthy of us.

It is not worthy of this Company; it is not worthy of this Nation; it is not worthy of Humanity.

And so, in conjunction with the official opening of TappooCity, we are equally pleased to announce today a $21,000 donation through the Ministry of Education, for the purposes of funding Educational Expenses for needy school students at Primary, Secondary and Tertiary School levels in the Nadroga Province.

This donation closely follows our recent $12,000 contribution to the Sigatoka Hospital Maternity Ward, and our $10,000 contribution to the Save the Children Fund – both of which were announced at the Official Opening of our new Bottling Plant in Lautoka.

They say Charity begins at Home, and Sigatoka – the town in which the Tappoo Group established its very first store – is our home.

Dear friends, once again let me express how happy I am to share this night with all of you.

I’ve been around long enough to know that both successes and failures are gifts of the Almighty – each teach us valuable lessons, if we are open to them.

A lesson I have learned is that: every minute must mark a forward step. In the final analysis, Life is about Expansion – and to do nothing, to stand still, is to recede.
Cynics often mistake ‘Pessimism’ for ‘Realism’, but even a brief recap of Human history will prove that the greatest achievements are the sprouted seeds of daring (and sometimes outlandish) visions – born of ‘Optimism’, of forward-thinking.

I leave you tonight, with a quote most often attributed to the great Italian painter, sculptor and dreamer, Michelangelo – in the hope that it will cause you to reflect on it, and then apply it in your life’s wonderful journey:

He said, “The greatest danger for most of us is not that our aim is too high and we miss it, but that it is too low and we reach it.”

Welcome to the Official Opening of TappooCity.

Thank You.

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