“The Tappoo Group was founded by my late father Mr Tappoo Kanji on 23rd August 1941. Wonderful things have been happening since the opening of our TappooCity complex in the heart of Suva City. We are truly humbled by the overwhelming response we have received from people of all walks of life in regards to this iconic development.”

Mr Kanti Lal Tappoo, OBE

Executive Chairman

Tappoo Group of Companies

An address by Tappoo Group Chairman Mr. Kanti Lal Tappoo,OBE at the official opening of TappooCity on 22nd Nov 2012:
The year 1932 was significant for many reasons:
Amelia Earhart became the first woman to fly solo across the Atlantic

The Sydney Harbour Bridge was officially opened

Tappoo Kanji arrives via steamer at Kings Wharf Suva – the beginnings of Tappoo Fiji

“The Chief Guest – The Prime Minister, Honourable Ministers, the Honourable Chief Justice and the Members of the Judiciary, Members of the Diplomatic Corps, Distinguished Guests, Ladies & Gentlemen:I am very pleased, and very humbled, to celebrate with you all, yet another milestone of a local family business started so many years ago, by my late Father.Though he is not here in person to share this occasion with us, I take comfort in knowing that he is always with us in spirit.I feel that on an occasion like this, it’s important to look back and acknowledge the trials, tribulations and great sacrifices made, in order to truly appreciate what we now behold before us here tonight.Like any great enterprise, we began with very humble origins.
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