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Tappoo eShopper gives customers the ability to purchase Tappoo Products from anywhere in the world. Our E-Commerce team is dedicated to provide customers with their desired products and to keep our products up-to-date.

Tappoo eShopper caters for items such as Boutique items, Sports Equipment, Casual Wear, Beach Wear, Fiji Rugby Merchandise, Electronic Goods and Electrical Appliances and Handicrafts,Souvenirs and Gift Vouchers.

We have been the Top choice by fans of our Fiji National Rugby Team to purchase Fiji Rugby Merchandise. Fans from all around the world rely on Tappoo eShopper due to our fast and convenient services.

Some of the leading brands that we cater for are BLK, Nike, New Balance, Robert Kennedy Collections, Samsung, Whirlpool and Chef

We are also proud retailers of Fiji Made Products with the Fiji Made Emblem to support locally produced goods such as Bula Noni Juice, Reniu Coconut Lotions and Bula Shirts.

We deliver our products in conjunction with international express mail Service Company DHL.DHL is the world’s largest logistic company and is known to be lightning fast when it comes to making deliveries.

Our Delivery policy ensures that customers get their products within a period of 7 days for Asia Pacific Region and 8 to 10 Days for other countries.

Customers are provided with a safe payment channel to avoid loss of funds or any mishap upon payment. Payments can be done via VISA, Mastercard and AMEX.

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