LAUTOKA will experience an economic boom by mid-year, says Lautoka Chamber of Commerce and Industry administrator Mohammed Salim.

He said one of the factors that would influence this was the opening of the TappooCity complex.

“The $30million complex is scheduled to open in August,” Mr Salim said.

“It would have everything, from a theatre to department stores and eateries. It would provide a different shopping experience for people not only in Lautoka but all over the Western Division.”

Meanwhile, Mr Salim said the budding garment sector in the Sugar City was also contributing significantly to Lautoka’s growth.

He said clothing manufacturers such as Danam and BLK had been instrumental in creating jobs for people.

“I think the garment industry in Lautoka has the potential to contribute significantly to the textile sector in the country.”

Source: The Fiji Times
Shayal Devi
Tuesday, February 16, 2016

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