Want a cafe style cappachino or expresso at home? Now you can, with the latest Sunbeam expresso machines from TappooCity.

Espresso machines are machines used to produce the Italian coffee beverage famously called espresso. Sunbeam cafe Crema 15 Bar pump espresso and crema system is especially Italian made and designed for perfect coffee extraction.

The Sunbeam Espresso machine enables you to fill the large 2.1 Litre removable water reservoir and empty the coffee grounds without moving the machine. Its Stainless steel 8 cup Manual coffee machine with steam nozzle makes great coffee and great frothy. Sunbeam Espresso comes with 2 espresso cups and saucers, 500ml stainless milk jug and coffee spoon. Cafe crema large cup height clearance allows for all different cup sizes from the classic espresso cup to a larger mug. It’s large cup warming tray allows for storage without taking much space in the kitchen.

The brass and phenolic group handle allows use of ground coffee. All of the controls are at the front of the machine, from the on/off switch to the system.

The combination of delivering the optimum temperature and pressure creates the perfect serve of espresso. This results in a rich, smooth shot of espresso coffee and a thick crema on top.

Constructed entirely of metal components, the robust design of the Sunbeam Cafe Crema ensures you will enjoy countless delicious coffees at home.

You will also receive a bonus DVD with your purchase of Sunbeam Cafe Cream Espresso machine on how to make delicious and great coffee at your own home.

Sunbeam’s latest range of Espresso machines is now available at TappooCity and Tappoo Home & Leisure stores in Nadi and Sigatoka.

Source: Fiji Sun
Date: July 23rd 2011

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