Tappoo long serving entertainer Ofa Ai was selected as one of three finalists for the prestigious “Front Liner of the year award!” in the tourism industry.

“Ofa Ali truly represents the Fijian hospitality with her friendly nature, warm personality and immense musical talent. We are truly proud of her being selected as one of the three Front Liner of the Year finalists,” said Tappoo Group CEO & Executive Director Madhu Tappoo.

OFA Ali is a household name in Fiji. Her songs play over the air waves on local radio stations every day. Ofa is one of Fiji’s most successful singer and writer.

Hailing from Kulukulu – famous for its sand dunes, the immensely gifted Ofa welcomes and entertains busloads of visitors through the doors of Tappoo Fiji Market in Sigatoka.

“Perhaps one of the few unique places in the world where traditional Fijian culture, pride and passion meet modern retailing”, said award winning Tappoo Fiji Market designer Robert Kennedy. “Tappoo are more than happy to have her performing every day at Fiji Market, Sigatoka. She is an absolute favorite with locals and tourists alike who came to hear her perform. What more can we say when everyone else has had something to say about this wonderful woman”.

Ofa has released several albums including the popular Delai nukunuku mai kulukulu and a song about the champion Nadroga rugby team in their dialect.

Tappoo Fiji Market nominated Ofa Ali for the award. Ofa was selected as one of the 3 finalists for the award.

Tappoo Group, a pioneer in the tourism industry in Fiji, is totally committed to tourism excellence. The Tappoo Group was a proud recipient of the prestigious Fiji Excellence in Tourism Awards 2008. Tappoo Group chairman Kanti Tappoo was awarded “Lifetime Achiever” in that year. The Group also won the award for “General Tourism Services including Shopping”.

Tappoo Group serves the tourism industry through its prestigious chain of stores on and off the airport, including downtown stores, at all leading hotels & resorts, as well as its flagship department store at Fiji’s iconic TappooCity complex in Suva City.

Fiji Times
Date: March 01st 2012

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