THE Fiji Rugby Union (FRU) has secured a deal with the International Sports Clothing (ISC) as the official kits supplier.

It was a double announcement as the Tappoo Group also revealed they were the exclusive retailer for all the ISC merchandise.

The announcement was made at the TappooCity in Suva, yesterday.

FRU chief executive officer John O’Connor said the deal would not only benefited the national team, but it would benefit grassroots rugby clubs as well.

“Apart from the range, ISC will supply all our kits for our national teams. They will also supply our provincial teams.

“And as part of our negotiations we also kept in mind grassroots rugby clubs and schools,” O’Connor said.

He indicated the ISC kits would also be made ready for grassroots rugby clubs and schools for reasonable prices.

O’Connor said the deal was part of FRU’s inclusive and holistic goal to move rugby forward in all levels.

“That is one of the main factors considered by the FRU board.

“They (FRU board) kept in mind that it is quite expensive to run clubs and to buy kits.

“That was part of the strategy when we were negotiating the deal.

“It included the availability of kits for reasonable prices and also for it to be made available for provincial teams and clubs,” he said.

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Article By : Peni Komaisavai

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