Service Bay

At our servicing bay the workmen make sure that all vehicles are well serviced and fit for the road. Some of the services provided by our
Service bays are General Car Lubrication, Transmission and Engine Servicing.

Vehicles are lubricated by Mobil Branded Industrial Lubricants. Such as Mobil Engine Oils, Suspension Fluids, Brake Fluids, Coolants and many more.

Servicing with Mobil products ensures that your vehicle gets a swift transmission rate and does not require stepping on the pedal more than you need to reach a desired speed. Mobil has delivers high quality transmission fluids for auto transport transmission and gearboxes. Mobil synthetic transmission oils ensure an easy vehicle starting because the shifting of the synchronizers takes place easier and better. Engines are serviced with the finest Mobil Branded Engine Oils such as Mobil 1 and Mobil Super.


On The Go Fleet Card

With an On The Go Fleet Card a Customer is guaranteed with a fraud less service and paperless administration saving the customer a lot of time. At the end of a transaction a customer is handed with an electronically generated receipt which has an accurate record of the customers balance, the amount of fueling the customer has done.


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