KIA Motors is the world’s fastest growing automobile company. Over the years of its service, KIA motors has produced numerous award winning vehicles, and has delivered a staggering 2.75 million vehicles in the year 2013 and in 2014 which has presented the world with the All New KIA Soul Electronic Vehicle and Upgraded versions of KIA Optima and Sorento.

KIA motors is also known for its innovation and ingenuity. KIA Vehicles are designed to be environment friendly and equipped with the latest technology with improved quality of life and to practice diverse corporate sustainability.

KIA Motors strives to produce cars that not only bring happiness to people but also protect the well-being of our planet.KIA Vehicles are vibrant, distinctive and reliable, resonating in the minds of its customers like music for the soul together with excellent and inspiring customer experience. Our vehicles are exciting challenging and full of life. We are well known for our style and elegance when it comes to vehicles. KIA’s free spirit creates a new and colorful life for everyone.

KIA Motors never compromises quality. In its pursuit of safety, comfort and performance KIA motor vehicles are simply the best. As a responsible brand KIA not only enhances peoples’ lives but also helps improve communities and the environment.We assure our clients of internationally renowned KIA Quality service at our Hi-Tech KIA Service Centers in Suva and Nadi. In pursuance of the concept of KIA Power to Surprise, we are integrating our people, process and technology to enhance our relationship with our customers.

We have made a comprehensive initiative which provides seamless coordination among sales; service, spare parts and field support in the best interest of our clients. We hire highly skilled technicians to ensure the quality of our service is maintained.KIA Motors Fiji Showrooms are located at the corner of Grantham Road and Carpenter Street, Garden City, Raiwai Suva, and on the Main Street in Nadi town.KIA Motors Fiji Service Centers are located on Carpenter Street in Raiwai Suva, and on the Khan Jan Drive, Wekamu Sub-division in Nadi, opposite the Nadi Temple.All brand new KIA vehicles are backed by a 3year/100,000km warranty in Fiji.


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