It is an evolving dance. It began as a conservative choreography conceived by my father, Tappoo Kanji, in 1941. Today, it is a symphony of grand proportions – a premium brand that is synonymous with excellence.

Mr. Kanti Lal Tappoo, OBE

Executive Chairman

Tappoo Group of Companies

We are humbled and proud of the many milestones achieved. In all of them, there has been one constant: the human element. This was the foundation of our father’s greatest legacy: That people are our most important resource, and that for our people to do their best, it must come from a genuine place – from an environment of respect in which their leaders exemplify the principles of hard work, sacrifice, diligence and fair play. These principles are the foundations of our daily rhythms as we continue to grow and transform ourselves.


Yes. I did say transform. Like any enterprise that excels, we constantly assess ourselves to give our customers the best. A wise man once said that if we are to grow, we must always be treading outside of our comfort zone. This has become our truth as we push forward in new frontiers other than our traditional retail market.

Our ability to adapt and evolve the dance is critical to our future success. This is vital in today’s changing landscape of politics, economies, technology and communications.

And, just as expansion plans continue to be drafted, we continue to invest in varied charitable works to promote the intrinsic values of community and service we believe in.


Finally, it is our objective to grow our innovations; to always be challenging ourselves to think differently, but with a mentality of excellence.
We are buoyed by the Government’s encouragement and sound policies to bolster Fiji as an economic powerhouse for our region. As a nation, we have much to celebrate. Watching all our people celebrate – in their homes, neighbourhoods, schools and work places – the historic achievements of our national 7s gladiators when they qualified for the Rio Olympics and won the Glasgow Sevens were heart-warming reminders of how beautiful Fiji is. Most importantly, it was a reminder that as Fijians, we are one in our diversity. We must grow this optimism among our people and help everyone understand the dream and the extraordinary potential that lies ahead.


The Government’s challenge that we not confine our vision to our geographical realities is to be applauded. It is in alignment with our long-held philosophy to punch above our weight. Our new choreography is telling of this. Tappoo is determined to help Fiji realise her dream – of a better future for all her people. It is a dream that our father nurtured in us from the very beginning, and one that we honour every day.

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