You may recall that this site used to house jointly, but separately, our Tappoo Department Store, and a Carpark and Ground Floor Building owned by FNPF – which comprised a series of small owner-operated shops.

In the spirit of expansion, which has been a hallmark of our family’s approach to business in Fiji, we conceived a revamp and re-imagining of Main Street, Suva.

At the dinner table, the office, and finally the Boardroom, we dared to debate the prospect of a new and exciting addition to the Suva City Skyline.

In committing a sizeable capital outlay, helped to an extent by FNPF’s offer to partner with us in a Joint Venture, we emphasised our family’s commitment – during a period of worldwide economic and financial instability – to further developing the retail landscape in this great nation of ours.

The construction and opening of TappooCity marks the beginning of a New Renaissance of Luxury in Fiji’s Hospitality Industry.

In this endeavour, we are Pioneers – we challenged the Status Quo, and dared to believe in our Vision. This Department Store is the very first of its kind in Fiji.

As the unique ‘Takia’ building design suggests, we have set sail in a new ocean of Possibility and Promise.

Ladies & Gentlemen, it gives me great satisfaction to see our Competitors rowing in our wake, for it can only be beneficial to commerce and industry, and serves to accelerate our own pursuit of Excellence.

We thrive in setting the benchmark, and charting a course into new and unexplored waters.

And for us, we feel that the words of the Ancient Athenian Statesman, Pericles, apply as equally in this day and age to our endeavours: ‘We do not imitate, for we are a Model to others’.

We are very grateful, also, to have had as Partners in this endeavour, those who shared our Vision; whose input and efforts were instrumental in helping us to achieve our goal.

In particular, I would like to offer my personal thanks and warm appreciation, on behalf of the Tappoo Group, to:

The Bainimarama Government (whose vibrant support and encouragement of local businesses, has fuelled and strengthened our continued investment in Fiji).

At this juncture, I would also like to reiterate my utmost gratitude to the Honourable Prime Minister, for taking time out of his busy schedule to be with us this evening.

  • FNPF (whose foresight in suggesting a Joint Venture, shared financial contribution and support, added to our determination to see this project through);
  • The Singapore-based Kingsmen Group (whose work in interior design has ensured that the visual aesthetic of this Department Store is on par with the World’s retail giants);
  • And last, but certainly not least, the internal Project Development teams at Tappoo and FNPF, and retail and administrative personnel (whose energy, enthusiasm and work ethic make TappooCity what it is: Fiji’s Premiere World Class Shopping Experience).

At this point, I must also acknowledge the commitment and dedication of my brother, our Director, Suresh Tappoo, who worked closely with the Project Design and Conceptualization team in bringing this Project to fruition.

Suresh, we are indebted to your contribution in spear-heading this endeavour, and ultimately ensuring that this Building was awarded a Five-Star rating.

Now, in this global financial climate, there are those who would have us put a ceiling on Expansion; to rest on our laurels, and wait for the environment to improve.

But this Company was not founded by a person who waited, and rested. We hold ourselves to a much higher standard: one that was established by my Father.


TappooCity emerges as an Icon of Suva

His courage and enterprise are our inspiration, and we have not been idle.

Since TappooCity first opened its doors to the local and international shopping community, we have invested heavily and consistently in the Fiji economy.

  • Our Departure and Arrivals Duty Free stores at Nadi International Airport have recently been the subject of a thorough and complete refurbishment, thereby continuing to hold its rank amongst the best in the world.
  • We established the Kia Motor Dealership; constructing state-of-the-art showrooms in Suva and Nadi, complete with support and repair workshops and facilities.

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