From a mere workshop 73 years ago to a retail giant

THE beginnings of the Tappoo Group can be traced back 73 years to the date when the founder of the business, Tappoo Kanji, opened the doors to his first workshop in Sigatoka on August 23, 1941. “Tappoo”, as he was colloquially known then – a name that his children and grandchildren have proudly adopted as their surname – battled through a difficult childhood. As a newborn, he lay in his mother’s arms as she died of a plague, and endured a long separation from his father who, a month or so later, boarded a steamer for the distant Fiji Islands. 15 years later, young Tappoo survived a perilous journey across the Indian and Pacific seas and was reunited with his father at the banks of the Sigatoka River. Thus began the Tappoo family’s association with this country that they fondly call “home”. Fiji became the motherland for the next generation of Tappoos, who were all born and bred in Sigatoka – a mere stone’s throw from the site where the elder Tappoo was reunited with his father so many years ago. His children were educated at the Sigatoka Methodist School, and to this day his great grandchildren continue to be educated there.

“Fiji has given our family so much, and it is such a blessing to be able to give something back to the country which has helped sustain us in good and bad times.” says Harnish Tappoo of the fourth generation of Tappoo’s.

“My grandfather used to say that there are two things in our life that we should never forget: our Mother and our Motherland. This is echoed in the teachings of all the world’s major religions, and that is no surprise as my grandfather was a deeply spiritual man. It’s so important that we acknowledge the sacrifice of our ‘two mothers’, and do all we can to ensure that they are recipients of our sincere love and heartfelt appreciation.”The Tappoo family is proud to celebrate the 73rd Anniversary of its Fijian business enterprise.“Fiji has given sustenance to our families, and it becomes our noble duty to give something back to our country”

The Tappoo Founder with spouse

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