Excellence. Finesse. Class. Such superior standards are what come to people’s minds at the mention of ‘Tappoo’. Yes, the Tappoo brand is the yardstick of quality here and widely regarded as Fiji’s most trusted mark.

Mr. Madhu Tappoo

Executive Director & Chief Executive Officer,

Tappoo Group of Companies

It is our brand – the one brand we have boldly given our family name to, and fiercely guard every day in the service of others.

Almost 75 years ago, when the company was formed in Sigatoka, and where our Head Office remains till today, the main philosophy of the pursuit for excellent customer service, anchored us well against our competitors.

That philosophy still holds true today for each and every one of us, irrespective of the different types of work we do within the Tappoo Group.

It will definitely keep us steady as we move forward to spread our wings and diversify into new markets. As we venture into an even more intriguing era of technological revolution and of challenges, we recognise that the need to work together is even greater.

Already, Tappoo is involved in a number of new projects; all of which demonstrate our confidence in the economy. Among them is the new TappooCity shopping mall in Lautoka currently under construction, the new 5 storey upmarket apartment complex in Suva (also under construction), the new Travel Centre in Suva, another new branch of ‘Fiji Market’ (our Fiji destination merchandise shop), BulaCar Rental subsidiary in Nadi, the Mahindra CarCity showroom, and the revamp of our retail outlets at Mobil’s service stations.

In addition to this, our social responsibility projects are a significant part of our agenda. Hence, with the reinforcement of our human resources team, we intend to continue to play a leading role in the local and regional economy.

Together, we will rise to the challenge to delight each and every customer of ours, to the highest degree of service possible. For as we’ve our mentor and founder said in the very beginning: We don’t necessarily need to be the biggest, just the best.

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