Tappoo Group of companies has been carrying out its export operations around the South Pacific over the last decade. We have been known for exporting some of the finest goods to our neighbouring countries in the Pacific Region. Our Exports include locally manufactured food items which are maintained by a division of highly skilled quality control experts.

Pepsi is one of the most widely manufactured and exported products by Tappoo. The expectation from the company to deliver products that are of world class quality is very high since Pepsi is one of the worlds largest soft drink companies. Our world famous soft drink lineup includes Pepsi Cola, 7Up Lemonade, Mountain Dew and Mirinda carbonated soft drinks.

Tappoo Group of Companies export sector is gradually increasing in size and looks forward to export even more products to the international market. Our export sector will be catering for more food items in the future and aims to expand into a major contributor to the national economy.

We are mostly involved in exporting consumer items manufactured in Fiji.
Items including soft drinks, beverages and so on.

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