A hundred and fifteen long-time Tappoo staff were lauded for their service with a special Long Service Awards function in Nadi recently.

A special Chairman’s Award was bestowed on 12 employees with over 20 years of service while the 115 staff with over 10 years of service were given certificates and Tappoo shopping gift vouchers.

Chairman of the Tappoo Group, Mr Kanti Tappoo, while praising the long service of his staff, dwelt on the contribution the company has made nationally.”We, as a company, contribute to the country in terms of wealth and job creation and we see our long-serving staff as the basis for this success,” Mr Tappoo said.

The Tappoo Group employs close to a 1500 skilled people and despite the debilitating migration rate, has been able to notch up a great number of staff with long service records.

The company, in its 74th year of operations, has been praised for its approach to ethical corporate practices and its demonstrated ability to retain and look after its staff. Its operational vision is centred around environment, opportunity, advancement and satisfaction.

“I am proud of the fact that despite loss of people to migration over the years , 115 people qualified for the Long Service Awards – a testimony to the fact that this company looks after its staff very well in all aspects,” Mr. Tappoo said.

The company can also boast world-class level quality in resources such as staff, skills training and management to continue its investments and expansion nationally, he said.

“Our reputation is based on the continued respect we get from our customers, clients and our stakeholders, and the effort of our staff and management. The goodwill from our large customer base allows us to continue in our efforts towards bettering the nation and its people,” he said.

The Tappoo Group is very much involved in philanthropic work nation-wide with several large donations to educational institutes and other charitable entities.



Tappoo Group Chairman, Mr Kanti Tappoo hands a plaque to one of the longest serving employees of Tappoo, Merewai Navuni, who has 26 years of service. Looking on is CEO Madhu Tappoo.

Tappoo Group honoured all of its long serving staff with a function in Nadi recently.


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