Recent Service Highlights

  • July 6: Dilkusha Home children hosted to games and pizza at New York Pizza Kitchen.
  • July 7:  Tappoo Foundation offer space on Level 4 of TappooCity to the Australian Embassy to host the weeklong Native Australian Art Exhibition for the public.
  • July 12: About 120 Muslim children from the Islamic Institute of the South Pacific were provided fresh fruits for Iftaar during Ramadan.
  • July 13: The Foundation contributed essential grocery items and equipment toward the 24-hour Hanuman Chalisa at the Laxmi Narayan Temple in Suva. A meal, groceries and other essentials were donated to Father Law Home.
  • July 16: Food parcels from TappooCity’s Bollywood Café donated to a Christian group for distribution to homeless on Suva’s streets. Canned Watties food given to SPCA to add nutrients to their animal food. This followed a $6,000 donation to the Animals Fiji Nadi clinic earlier in the year. The Foundation also donated a month’s supply of grocery to an injured fireman.
  • July 20: Tappoo  Gift  Hampers  given  to  67 mothers at the CWM Maternity Ward.
  • July 23: More food parcels donated for distribution to homeless.
  • July 27: Fiji  School for the Blind hosted at TappooCity for  an afternoon of games and pizza at NYPK.
  • July 30: Tappoo Nadi marks Senior Citizens Day with entertainment, lunch, and gift hampers for senior citizens. More food parcels were donated for distribution to homeless
  • July 31: Foundation organises two-day Suicide Awareness Seminar conducted by psychologist Keith Rowden
  • August  3: 35 children from St Christopher’s Home treated  to  an afternoon of fun and pizzas.
  • August 6: Foundation donates $5,000 to the Fiji Crippled Children Society. More food parcels donated for distribution to homeless
  • August 10: Tappoo Foundation hosted an Inter-Faith gathering followed by luncheon at TappooCity. Inter-Faith Fiji promotes dialogue between noted representatives of different religions.
  • August 13: More food parcels donated for distribution to homeless
  • August 16: TappooCity hosts a seminar “Healthy Mind – Healthy Life” Workshop, organised by the Sathya Sai Service Organisation.
  • August 17: Underprivileged children from as far as Galoa in Navua are treated to afternoon of fun and food at TappooCity

During the month:

  • $5,000 donated to Fiji Crippled Children Society Suva
  • $6,000 donated to Animals Care Nadi by the Tappoo family members.

Tappoo Founder believed that “the entire humanity belongs to one race and we are all the children of the same one Father in Heaven who can be equally worshipped in a temple, mosque or church”.

A long queue for free face art at TappooCity.

A meal, groceries and other essentials were donated to Father Law Home.

Children of Dilkusha Home take a drive at TappooCity’s Computer Games Corner.

Big Bird is a favourite ride for Tappoo’s younger guests.

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