The Tappoo family has established a Charitable Foundation as part of its commitment to community and nation building. The setting up of the foundation coincided with the 65th anniversary celebrations for the Tappoo Group in 2006.

A multi-purpose community hall in Sigatoka is another project the Tappoo Foundation helped build. The hall, amongst other things, is a center for imparting education in human values to young children in the Nadroga region.Tappoo family would like to see Fiji a better place for all, irrespective of race, religion or creed. The Tappoo Group has been supporting numerous charitable and sports activities in the past. Now Tappoo wishes to promote specific projects that will benefit the community at large “Mr Kanti Tappoo said.Please view our News and Media section for any articles that may appear in the local media from time to time.

The Tappoo Foundation was officially launched with the opening of a new school wing at the Sai School in Drasa, Lautoka, in February 2006.

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