Tappoo Frequent Shopper

Customer loyalty programme was pioneered in Fiji through the Tappoo Frequent Shopper Programme. Whilst such programmes were being used in many developed countries, Tappoo Group of Companies introduced a similar programme for the Fiji Market in July 1996 for the first time in Fiji, creating a new era in the retail shopping industry.

About TFS

The main purpose of setting up a customer loyalty programme was to give our loyal customers some added benefits and privileges in recognition of their loyalty to the Tappoo Stores.

TFS programme entitles its members the ability to privileged shopping facilities at Tappoo Downtown Department Stores and Tappoo Home & Leisure Stores throughout Fiji.

The programme offers the ability to earn points for purchases made at any Tappoo Store. For every dollar spent at any Tappoo Store, (Department Store, Home & Leisure or Dressmart) the member receives a point. Additional bonus points are awarded from time to time.

Worth it? You bet!

The huge success of the TFS programme is easily seen in the growing numbers of people who love the value-added services we provide.



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