Education and business must come together more closely says University of Fiji Vice Chancellor Rajesh Chandra.

He said education had never been more important to our present and future.

He said the business community can contribute a great deal to social development and could also help provide a more secure environment for itself by becoming more involved in charitable work.

Professor Chandra made the comments at the launch of the Gandhi Tappoo Center for writing, ethics and peace studies.

The center was officially launched on Tuesday by Shri Tappoobhai Kanji, founder of the Tappoo Group of Companies and it coincided with the birthday of Mahatma Gandhi.

He said there was little doubt the business community had made great strides in Fiji from very humble beginnings.

The Tappoo Group is an excellent example of this. It is encouraging that the Tappoo group has been spending part of their profits on charitable work, he said.

We in Fiji need to believe in ourselves more. There is no limit to what we can achieve if only we believe.

Professor Chandra said the partnership between the university and the Tappoo Group should inspire other businesses to join hands with the university and develop it. Meanwhile Tappoo Group chairman Kanti Tappoo said he hoped that the contribution would enrich the lives of its students and staff.

Our company has a 65-year history of actively serving the community. In line with that guiding principle and as a committed stakeholder in nation building, our family has tried to contribute to the nation through sound social and community-based projects at macro and micro level. We are hopeful the Gandhi Tappoo center will fulfill these objectives.

In keeping with the changing times, we fill that future generations should be better prepared to meet challenges through strong educational programs, values and ethical and moral standards.

Source: The Fiji Times – Thursday, 4th October 2007

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