New Fruit Juice Bottling Plant for Tappoo

Madhu Tappoo – Tappoo Group CEO & Executive DirectorGood evening and I would like to reiterate our very warm welcome to tonight’s function. A special thanks to our chief guest the Honorable Minister. We are indeed extremely grateful that you have been able to find the time to officiate the occasion for us. And also to our esteemed guests from overseas Mr Wilfred Wan representing Tampico USA and Mr Brian Munning from Australia. As 

we say in Fiji “Bula”. Your presence here today is indicative of your strong support and we at Tappoo are delighted to represent Tampico more popularly known in Fiji until now as Tarumba.

As Jilyin Wong has alluded us to, bottling and manufacturing was new to us but like always, we did not shy away from this challenge either. Our involvement in the bottling of Pepsi range of CSD’s in Fiji in 2004 for the Fiji market and the export market of PNG and Vanuatu thus began. This venture like many others had been our success story. Conjointly we took up the distributorship of Tarumba fruit punches through contract packing by Rewa Dairy, the previous distributor of Tarumba. Unfortunately it wasn’t long before they told us that they could not produce and supply for us in view of their problem with production. We were left with no choice but to explore alternatives.

Here we need to acknowledge last year’s budget which allowed manufacturers to import machinery duty free. This was indeed the catalyst which convinced us to invest in a brand new state of the art, fully automated juice plant which has also enhanced the product life of Tarumba fruit punches. These drinks now have Fiji’s first full sleeve labels also.

We are also delighted that Wilfred Wan has confirmed that Fiji will be one of the first countries in the world to go with newly formulated Tampico fruit punches that will have 50% less sugar than our current Tarumba product, and will continue to have the same great taste and high amount of vitamin C. This enhancement is in line with our own wish to make our products more healthier. This product will also be marketed to New Zealand from here.

We are also delighted to announce today the introduction of our new line of juices called “Juice Up”. This product processed through a new line in this plant would have 99.9% reconstituted juice with no added sugar, no added color and no added pulp. There would be other ranges of reconstituted juice drinks also produced with perhaps some sugar and water but no added color or pulp.

Ladies and Gentlemen I want to conclude by alluding once again to our family trait of always wanting to take up the challenge of acquiring a business or an operation that we can add value to and mould that into a vibrant well-run entity. We took over Eddie Hin Bottling plant a decade ago and turned that into a highly successful operation.

Over a decade ago we entered the Airport Duty Free market at a time when the retailing there consisted of selling duty free items from behind the counters. We introduced modern retailing and marketing concepts that brought duty free at Nadi Airport on par with global duty free standards.

You would have noticed how the department store scenery changed in Nadi when we first introduced multi level shopping in Nadi Town in the year 2000. Likewise you would have noted how the shopping environment has changed in Suva with the opening of the iconic TappooCity.

You would have seen how we took over the Kia motor vehicles business in Fiji and turned that into a dominant vehicle retailing operation in just a few short years. Ladies and Gentlemen what I am trying to say is that this day marks the beginning of a new era in the fruit juice market in Fiji. That is Tappoo Group’s promise to you all.

Thank you all once again for being part of our celebration.

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