The Tappoo Group and Pepsi are proud to be associated with the Pepsi Coral Coast Carnival. Pepsi is the major sponsor of this Carnival and the Tappoo Group, as bottlers of Pepsi in Fiji, will work towards making this Carnival a great success.

The Carnival will raise awareness and bring together people in a joint effort to show that this is a fun place to visit.

The Tappoo Group, which originated in Sigatoka and which has been involved in the Coral Coast for decades, feels this is a very worthy venture.

The Group will work with other sponsors and the hotels and resorts and other tourist facilities in the area to ensure this Carnival will be remembered for its innovation and fun-based activities.

We have sponsored a queen contestant for the Carnival and also very much involved in the organising aspect. Two of our senior personnel, a director and a senior manager, are part of the Carnival committee.
Pepsi, as a internationally renowned brand, will feature prominently in the Carnival. We will also launch our Dare for More campaign at this Carnival.

The people of Sigatoka, and Fiji, are in for a very pleasant surprise as far as Pepsi is concerned.

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