A jubilant Ranjala Narayan, winner of the Fiji Sun’s “Take Me to Rio” competition was confident that she will take the new car home.

“I knew that I would win as I have been praying a lot for a car and my faith has paid off,” she said.

Mrs Narayan said her family needed a vehicle to attend various church functions.

Her husband who is a carpenter said that if was not for the Fiji Sun they would not have been able to afford such a car. “We have been buying Fiji Sun for years now and entered nearly all the competition run by the paper but this has been our first win,” Mr Narayan said. The family will take the car home next week after all documentation work is completed.

The $37, 000 car is a 2010 model and is retailed by the Tappoo Group of Companies in Fiji.

Kia Motors, sales manager, Micheal Chand said, “We have been selling Kia Rio vehicles for the past two years here. This car has readily available back up service and is very economical.”

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