Fiji’s mid-to-top range department store operator,Tappoo Group of Companies anticipates completing construction of it’s $30million six storey TappooCity by late next year. This was revealed yesterday following the opening of its new department store on Suva. Rodwell Road which will house it’s capital store operation as the old store will be demolished to allow for the construction of TappooCity.The entire Tappoo department store moved to the Rodwell Road site including perfumes, consmetics, fine jewellery , sports goods, Indian and western fashionware and other accessories. The completion of Tappoo city is expected to give the busy market area a multimillion dollar facelift.Tappoo Chief executive officer and executive director Madhu Tappoo said the construction of TappooCity began last year.he said work was in “full gear and processing on schedule”.”We are very excited about the development. It is going to be the most up market development Fiji has seen in the retail area,” said Mr Tappoo. He said the TappooCity development, a joint venture by Tappoo holdings and the Fiji National Provident Fund Investments Limited (FIL)would be a FlagShip operation raising the standard of retail shopping in even greater levels.” with unique takia(outrigger)sail design and metres away from the Suva foreshore,Tappoo city will stand out from other tall structures in the Area,” said Mr Tappoo . TappooCity will have Four flours of retail and cinema food court accessed through an atrium and by inter-floor escalators and lifts. “The whole complex will open to a garden promenade that will connect the building to the sea frontage by turning Nubukalu creek into a canal. The inter floor escalators willoverlook the new canal.”A separate lobby and two dedicated lifts will cater for the class Aoffices on the fifth and sixth levels and for the cinema floor after hours.At it’s design unveiling last year,Tappoo Group executive charimain Kanit Tappoo Said “TappooCity will not only be a shopping experience beyond anything in fiji it will be sensory experience unparallel ed in this country”. Mr Tappoo(Madhu)said the Tappoo operation will expected to be in Rodwell Road until late next year when the new complex was expected to be completed. “In the meantime it will provide a welcome facelift for one of the capital city’s main throroughfares , as well as satisfy the growing demand for excellence by customers ,” he said

Source: The Fiji Sun, April 13, 2007

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