The Tappoo Group has become a major sponsor for the Fiji Rugby Union. As FRU sponsor, Tappoo will now not only supply Nike footwear to the Fiji teams but will also supply Nike sporting goods including all apparel and accessories except playing jerseys for 2005.

The Tappoo Group, official agents for Nike in Fiji, confirmed the larger sponsorship, adding that as a company with many products, it could provide a wide range of sponsorship for the national teams.
The sponsorship is worth $500,000 a year and includes all footwear, apparel and accessories except the playing and training jerseys socks and shorts.

The supplier of playing and training jerseys, socks and shorts for the FRU will be announced early next week and will be retailed exclusively through Tappoo stores. These official Fiji Rugby jerseys will be exclusively available from all Tappoo stores from late November at a very affordable price of under $100 compared with the CCC Fiji jerseys of $179.00 approx

Tappoo Executive Director, Harnish Tappoo said the Tappoo Group was offering this sponsorship as a separate entity. The bulk of the sponsorship will include Nike products, of which Tappoo are exclusive Fiji agents and retailers.

The sponsorship includes boots, running shoes, socks, casual gear, bags, polo shirts, t-shirts, jackets, tracksuits, caps and other apparel and accessories.

Mr Harnish Tappoo acknowledged the dominance of rugby in Fiji and said Tappoo wanted to be part of the national pride. It is a nation-building exercise that we at Tappoo are very proud of, he said.

“The Tappoo Group worked diligently towards making this happen, he said. It is another step in the company’s desire to help the national sport.”

“We hope this boost will help towards Fiji realising its true potential,” Mr Harnish Tappoo said of the new FRU sponsorship package.

Tappoo Executive Director Marketing, Sumeet Tappoo said he was looking forward to working closely with FRU on the sponsorship deal.

“The Tappoo Group recognises the intrinsic value of sports, in fostering national pride, closer communities, stronger families and more resilient individuals,” Mr Sumeet Tappoo said.

“We are very proactive in becoming involved in the community at a national as well as local level. It is part of our responsibility as a good corporate citizen of Fiji, he said

Sports embraces diversity. It fosters tolerance and understanding. It embodies universal values such as fair play, self-discipline, perseverance, respect for others and team spirit. It is, in essence, a celebration of the human spirit and its pursuit of excellence. These are universal values that remind us that we are all of one human race,” he said.

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