Tappoo contributes to Cyclone Winston relief efforts

Travel retailer Tappoo Group has contributed to the relief efforts led by the Fiji Government as a result of the devastating damages caused by Tropical Cyclone Winston.

TC Winston Support2

Cyclone Winston has already claimed the lives of over 40 lives, and local reports have claimed the death toll is set to rise.

Tappoo Group CEO Madhu Tappoo said: “We are deeply saddened by the wide spread devastation caused by Tropical Cyclone Winston. While our family and most of our own staff are safe and well, our concern is the nation at large. The pictures of our own Fijians suffering this unfortunate fate, is hard to bear.

“We will do all we can as a Group, to help those in need in these trying times. We are delighted that the region has come together as one to help our people of Fiji. We commend the work of the Government, private enterprises, corporate citizens, and individuals in these relief efforts. It is times like these that we come together as one”.
Tappoo has contributed to the relief efforts, delivering two truckloads of water, juice drinks, and other basic items to the Commissioner Western today to homes in desperate need in the island. The group will also give aid in cash, and in food supplies.

“We sincerely hope our efforts will bring some solace to those who have lost their houses, savings, and a lot more during this cyclone,” added Tappoo.

Tappoo, who distribute world renown consumer brands in Fiji, has coordinated support from its key suppliers as well to help with the relief and aid work by Dismac.

Tappoo has set its priorities in the next few weeks and beyond to help those in need. “We wish our people a speedy recovery. Our management and staff are committed to offering a helping hand,” he commented.

A statement from Airports Fiji Limited (AFL) on February 24 stated all aerodromes are now operational following a special assessment trip by AFL to Lau yesterday. At 1500 yesterday AFL had issued a status update to all stakeholders advising them that our runways at Cicia, Lakeba, Moala and Vanuabalavu in the Lau group were operational.

AFL stated: “With Fiji being hit by the worst cyclone to date we are grateful that organisations are working together in trying to assist in bringing people’s lives back to normalcy. We would like to thank Air Kaibu for providing their aircraft to assess areas in Lau yesterday.

“The spirit of solidarity and resilience at this time of need is evident everywhere and we would like to thank everyone who has come forward to support in our very little efforts; where it is becoming clearer by the day that Fiji as a nation has a major challenge to overcome; that we no doubt will with the joint efforts of all.”


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