Kanti Lal Tappoo says Fiji can be rest assured that they will continue to invest here.

The chairman of Tappoo Group of Companies made the commitment at the official opening of TappooCity Lautoka last night.

Mr. Tappoo said exciting work had already begun in their other business fronts.

“As many of you are aware, the Tappoo Group has diverse business interests which include tourism and travel, retail and wholesale, manufacturing and exports, motor vehicle sales and servicing, commercial real estate and investments.

“We strongly believe in our corporate social responsibilities.

“Amongst others, we are currently doing preliminary planning for two projects in Sigatoka, the community in which we were raised.

“One is the beautification project along the town’s riverfront.

“The other is the construction of a children’s park on a location where my father started his small workshop.

“Talks are still underway, and we are hopeful that we will soon be able to finalise the details so that ground works can commence.

“In addition and in tribute to our founder, and to mark this auspicious milestone, I am happy to announce that the Tappoo Group, through its Tappoo Charitable Foundation, will invest a further $150,000 towards the projects for the poor and needy people of Fiji.”

Mr. Tappoo said in due course they would release details of how these funds would be utilized.

“We take our role as corporate leaders very seriously,” he said.

“In addition to our commitment to giving back to the community that has made us what we are, we will always strive to be an exemplary corporate citizen of our beloved nation.

“We have held gold membership status with the Fiji Revenue and Customs Services ever since its inception, and we are fully committed to maintaining that at all times.”

The Tappoo Group has invested in excess of $30 million to build TappooCity Lautoka.

“It was an investment necessary for the standard you see before you today.

“This vision would not have been possible without the cooperation of all our partners, local and international.

“We are also proud of our tenants at TappooCity Lautoka.

“Quite a few of these are young entrepreneurs and small to medium size enterprises who have the opportunity to grow with the success of TappooCity Lautoka.

“This opportunity will further boost the confidence of those who have the vision to start businesses in Fiji.

Mr. Tappoo expressed his gratitude to key partners, the Lautoka City Council and the Minister for Local Government Praveen Bala (who was the City administrator at the time)who have been very supportive of this project.

“We are delighted that our confidence to undertake this project, despite the risks, is paying off.

“Every day now this complex is buzzing with life, crowds of locals and tourists alike come to enjoy the shopping and the food and entertainment.”

Media: The Fiji sun

Date: 21st January

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