TAPPOO Group of Companies has given more than $10,000 to help poor children pursue their education this year.

Company’s chief executive officer and executive director, Madhu Tappoo said the company was well aware of the impact the gift would make on the lives of some children.

Mr Tappoo said $10,120.14 was handed over to Save The Children Fiji yesterday to aid the organisation’s assistance program for needy schoolchildren.

He said the money was raised through coin boxes placed at some Tappoo’s duty free stores in the country.

“It will go towards supporting the most pressing needs of those children who may need a helping hand to continue their education,” he said.

“We are delighted to get the lump sum out to Save The Children Fiji at the beginning of the school year when the need is usually at its peak.”

“We are all aware of the impact this donation can make on the lives of some children and we will continue working towards raising more money so a wider segment of children can benefit continuously.”

Mr Tappoo said the company would continue with its corporate giving programmes to benefit Save The Children Fiji and other organisations the company is involved with charitably.

“Support for the needy and those requiring a helping hand is a vital component of the Tappoo business ethos,” he said.

Save The Children Fiji’s chief executive officer, Chandra Shekhar said the organisation was grateful to Tappoos for the assistance to needy children in their education.

“The schools are just starting and much funds are needed for purposes such as providing educational assistance to the needy children, establishing early childhood education centres and emergency relief works,” he said.

Source: Fiji Times
Date:January 29th 2011

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