The Supreme Award was proudly sponsored by Lyndhurst, the manufacturers of the leading women’s clothing label Kookai for the Australian and New Zealand market.
The Supreme Award was presented to a company that demonstrated significant and sustained international growth along with a clear understanding of overseas markets.
The Supreme Award winner has demonstrated commercial success and outlined benefits across multiple facets including job creation, innovation service excellence and social responsibility.

For the Tappoo Group’s executive director, Kamlesh Tappoo, winning the Supreme Award was the culmination of his company’s hard work and dedication towards the growth of his business and the nation.

“Tappoo is a symphony of grand proportions and is a premium brand that is synonymous to excellence and a major contributor to the Fijian economy,” said Mr Tappoo.

Established in 1941, the Tappoo Group of Companies has been a household name and led the way with excellence, innovation and tenacity.

Since its humble beginnings, the Group has its foot in a number of sectors such as tourism, wholesale and retail, manufacturing and export, motor vehicle sales and service, fuel retailing and commercial real estate.

Providing the source of livelihood for some 1,600 families, The Group continues to build on the values of their ancestors, contributing significantly towards the growth of the nation.

“Tappoo Group of Companies is determined to help Fiji realize her dream of a better future for her people.

“It is a dream that our founding fathers have nurtured in us from the beginning and serves to accelerate our own pursuit of excellence,” Mr Tappoo said.

The chief executive officer of Investment Fiji, Godo Mueller- Teut acknowledged the companies’ growth and contribution towards the development of the nation.

“The success of the Tappoo Group of Companies is an inspiration to the business community in Fiji.

The Group has not only excelled in its business through diversification into multiple sectors but also contributed towards the betterment of the communities.

Through the Tappoo Foundation, the Group provides assistance in the education, social care and health care sectors.

The Group has shown significant growth and contribution towards the economy.

“It has a holistic and an inclusive business model that not only focuses on financial returns but societal development and exceptional customer service,” Mr Mueller- Teut said.

Media: The Fiji sun
Date: 21st November

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