Tappoo Limited, owner operator of one of Fiji’s largest wholesale network, has won the “best wholesaler for the Northern Division” award offered by the local health authority.

The Rural Local Health Authority created the award to actively encourage businesses to voluntarily comply with the Food and Safety Act 2003 and the Food Safety Regulation 2009.

The award seeks to encourage the wholesalers to improve food quality in Labasa Town by minimising the sale of expired and damaged foods, which is the most common breach of the food safety laws in the North.

“Tappoo has continued to invest in the scale and reach of its network, with Labasa being added only a few years ago. . That we were able to clinch this innovative award in such a short time of operation there shows that we have got it right from the word go,” says Tappoo CEO Madhu Tappoo. “We will continue to pursue our proactive approach to wholesale network development and are committed to increasing the depth and reach of its infrastructure.”

Tappoo has cemented its reach across Central, Western and Northern Divisions and continues its growth in these markets. “Winning this inaugural award is an achievement we are all very proud of. Despite a deep recession affecting many operators, for the past year we have sustained an aggressive commitment to expansion into new regions and maintaining our lead in wholesaling and retailing. We are thrilled to receive this award, as it signals recognition for the success for Tappoo’s commitment to quality and service,” says Mr Madhu Tappoo

Countdown Supermarket took out the best supermarket category. The winners were chosen by a judging panel according to a 10 point checklist that included the low number of complaints received against the supermarket or wholesaler, compliance with condemnation requirements, the quantity and rate of condemnation, the businesses compliance with food and safety requirements and the type of contingency plan in place for disasters.

About Tappoo Wholesaling Services

Wholesaling has become one of the key activities of the Tappoo Group of Companies. The Wholesale division of the company now outranks its competitors in the industry.

The number of leading, world renowned branded products entrusted to it for marketing and distribution in Fiji is a growing testament to its dominance in the market.

A network of Tappoo warehouses around the country ensures prompt and convenient distribution of the stellar line-up of products the Tappoo Group has. Most of Tappoo brands find themselves on the shelves of A-class supermarkets.

Great branding and superb marketing has made Tappoo brands household names. The Tappoo distribution network ably covers the main centres of Fiji, making Tappoo unrivalled in this area.

“Our forte is our branded goods, marketed effectively to a discerning public. Quality and goodness of the brands we deal with is a given – we will only bring into the country products already tried and tested extensive, and accepted by consumers worldwide,” said Mr Tappoo.

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