TappooCity Lautoka to redefine west shopping

TAPPOOCITY Lautoka will redefine shopping for the sugar capital, and for the Western Division, because of its sheer size and sophistication. Principal architect Vijay Sharma of Sharma Architects, which designed the complex, said the 100,000 square-feet structure to be built along Vitogo Parade will be a true mall. He said this was because the complex would have a “full and

interesting mix” of tenants in terms of activities and the retail choices available. 

“It will be quite grand and spacious. The developers (the Tappoo Group) want to ensure that a standard is maintained or bettered,” said Mr. Sharma

He said a good comfort level inside the complex was a key objective, and would be easy to achieve because of the floor space on each level.

“You could actually enter into the shopping mall, and maybe spend a few hours and not realise it because there would be so much space and so many choices for shopping, dining and entertainment,” he explained. 

Mr. Sharma is confident TappooCity Lautoka will While the focus of shopping centre architecture is not on ornamental presentation, make a significant presence.

The complex, which will be adjacent to Churchill Park, will feature a circular, glazed atrium that will not only lend a level of sophistication but also create a feeling of space and light.

“This will provide a lot of visual connection between the different levels,” Mr. Sharma said. Construction of the new complex is expected to start early next year.

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