Posted on April 3, 2017

A Tappoo department store and a Tappoo Home & leisure store opened for business in the new TappooCity Lautoka shopping mall on March 30th.

The complex is along Vitogo Parade and adjacent to Churchill Park.

The mall is guaranteed to be a magnet for Lautoka’s 50,000 plus populace who have long held nostalgic aspirations for a shopping mall of international standards.

Tappoo group of company’s director Mahendra Tappoo said Lautoka complex is a grand symbol of the Tappoo Group’s commitment to the Fijian people.

“The Tappoo Group commenced trading in Fiji 75 years ago on 23rd August 1941.

“TappooCity Lautoka stands near completion, ready to rejuvenate Fiji’s second largest city and inject into the city’s commerce the vitality that reflects its people.

“While the concept is largely a replica of TappooCity Suva, the signature-grey complex has a good sum of unique offering that sets it apart,” said Mr Tappoo.

Among these offering is a dual cinema, a premium supermarket and five corporate sports booths overlooking the Churchill Parks sports stadium from which the world famous Fijian Rugby 7s stars can be seen performing.

“There is nothing short of a community response to city that has painfully lacked such options,” Mr Tappoo said.

“Lautoka’s populace, from which the Group expects to draw about 70 percent of its walk-in-customer will for the first time have an international standard food.

The complex state of the art dual cinema is another highlight.

“With entertainment options centre in lush location with ample parking, patrons are expected to spend more than the average time at the shopping complex.”

Tappoo’s full range of branded merchandise in all categories like perfumes and cosmetics, watches and jewellery, sports goods, women’s fashion, menswear and contemporary Indian fashion are among the diverse range.

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