EFFORTS to develop ecu-tourism at Molituva Village, in Kuku, Tailevu, are progressing well.

And it is thanks to the Tappoo Group for donating a wide range of traditional costumes and uniforms specially designed for villagers to entertain tourists who visit the old fort at Molituva.

Tappoo Group director Harish Tappoo said the company hoped the uniforms and costumes would jump start the villagers’ efforts towards their own development and income generation potential.

Mr Tappoo said the group was pleased to assist with the growth of tourism in Fiji.

The presentation was held at the group’s market branch.

The Tourism Ministry officer working with the villagers, Kasimiro Taukeinikoro, said the assistance boosted the villagers’ morale.

“This is a boost for the villagers as they work hard to make this project a reality,” Mr Taukeinikoro said.

In early reports the ministry said about 25 young men and women of Kuku Village in Tailevu, most of whom are school leavers, were learning how to make traditional handicraft and artifacts under the guidance of the ministry.

The training will help youths and women make their own handicraft.

Pita Ravatudei, 32, said the only skill he knew is planting cassava and vegetables.

“I am so happy that I am learning how to make Fijian artifacts.

“This new skill will supplement my income from farming,” he said.

He said the youths were excited when realising the potential their new skills could bring in terms of development.

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