In a move designed to increase Tappoo involvement in Fiji rugby, the Tappoo Group has agreed to sponsor the Fiji Cup for $300,000.

Formerly known as the Telecom Cup – then just Fiji Cup when Fiji Rugby Union had to make do without a sponsor for a year – the largest provincial rugby playoff in Fiji will now be known as Sanyo Fiji Cup.

The Fiji Cup is the premier provincial rugby competition in Fiji and has traditionally been the breeding ground for players moving into the Fiji National Team.

Sanyo is one of the major brands of the Tappoo Group and is an international sports sponsor on its own right.

“The sponsorship amount is one of the largest for provincial tournaments that Fiji Rugby has had,” said Tappoo CEO Madhu Tappoo.

Tappoo is already a major sponsor of Fiji Rugby with a $500,000 Nike deal that is running into its fourth year.

“With the Fiji Cup sponsorship, we are adding considerably to our commitment to rugby in Fiji,” Mr Tappoo said.

“Our commitment to rugby is apparent: we have sevens maestro Waisale Serevi as our Corporate Ambassador and William Ryder joined us recently as Brand Ambassador,” he said.

“The new sponsorship will serve to boost the interest, competition and exhilaration across the provinces as we ride a wave of enthusiasm towards the World Cup next year,” he said

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