Travel retailer Tappoo Group pledges support to cyclone-stricken Fiji


FIJI. In the wake of devastating damage caused by Tropical Cyclone Winston, travel retailer Tappoo Group has pledged support to the relief efforts led by Fiji’s Government.

As reported, Cyclone Winston smashed the island nation last Saturday, leading to over 40 deaths (a toll that is expected to rise) and causing unimaginable destruction. It was the worst cyclone to ever hit Fiji.

Nadi International Airport was closed for two days, but resumed normal flights on Monday; Suva’s Nausori Airport reopened on Sunday.

Tappoo’s support efforts began today with the delivery of two truckloads of water, juice drinks, and other basic items to the Commissioner Western for dispersal to the needy.

TC Winston Support2

Tappoo has also coordinated support from its key suppliers to help with the relief and aid work by National Disaster Management Office DISMAC.

Tappoo Group CEO Madhu Tappoo said: “We are deeply saddened by the widespread devastation caused by Tropical Cyclone Winston.

“While our family and most of our own staff are safe and well, our concern is the nation at large. The pictures of our own Fijians suffering this unfortunate fate, is hard to bear.

“We will do all we can as a Group to help those in need in these trying times. We are delighted that the region has come together as one to help our people of Fiji. We commend the work of the Government, private enterprises, corporate citizens, and individuals in these relief efforts. It is times like these that we come together as one.”

Tappoo Group will give aid via cash and food supplies. “We sincerely hope our efforts will bring some solace to those who have lost their houses, savings, and a lot more during this cyclone,” said Tappoo. TC Winston Support1“It is devastating to learn that we have lost 42 lives already, and even more devastating to hear reports that the toll could rise.”

Tappoo has set its priorities in the next few weeks, and beyond, to help those in need. “We wish our people a speedy recovery. Our management and staff are committed to offering a helping hand,” Tappoo said.

NOTE: The Moodie Report has pledged its support to the Tappoo Group and to the reconstruction effort in general. We’ll bring you details of how you can assist as soon as possible. Tappoo can be contacted via



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