As a tribute to the Chinese community in Fiji, for their invaluable contribu¬tions to our country for many years, the Tappoo Group hosted a special Mid-Au¬tumn Festival celebration event in TappooC¬ity Suva on Wednesday.

Mid-Autumn Festival, falling on the 15th day of the eighth month according to the Chinese lunar calendar, it is the second grandest festival in China after the Chinese New Year.

It takes its name from the fact that it is al¬ways celebrated in the middle of the autumn season.

The ground floor at TappooCity Suva was closed off to host the event, which was well attended by members of the local Chinese community.

On the festival day, family members gather to offer sacrifice to the moon, appreciate the bright full moon, eat moon cakes, and ex¬press strong yearnings toward family mem¬bers and friends who live afar.

In addition, there are some other customs like lighting lanterns and performance of dragon and lion dances.
The unique customs of ethnic minorities are interesting as well, such as “chasing the moon” of Mongolians, and “steal vegetables or fruits” of the Dong people.

“It is fitting to honour the contributions of our Chinese-Fijian community – past and present, and to celebrate the prosperity that comes from mutual respect shared between the different ethnic groups that live here,” said Group executive director Remal Tappoo.

“It is worth reminding ourselves that our cultural differences are strengths that con¬tribute to the rich and unique experience that is Fiji.

“We wish all our Chinese friends a very Happy Mid-Autumn Festival.”

Source: The Fiji Sun
Date: 21st September

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