About Us

The Tappoo Group of Companies is a privately owned Fijian business. We’ve been operating for over 75 years in a diverse range of business sectors.

Tappoo History

Our History

The Tappoo Story began in 1941 when our founders Mr & Mrs Tappoo Kanji opened a 10 feet x 10 feet store in the small township of Sigatoka, Fiji. He personally handcrafted jewellery artifacts at the back of the store working long hour at night, with help of his spouse. Even today, the company’s headquarters remains in Sigatoka where it all started almost eight decades ago.

Tappoo's Founder

Our Founder

When Tappoo Kanji started handcrafting pieces of jewellery in Sigatoka in 1941, he had no idea that he was laying the foundations of a business that, within a generation, would be one of the largest in Fiji.

Tappoo's Board of Directors

Our Board

Since its early beginnings, Tappoo remains a family business. Today, second and third generations of the family are leading the company into the future with nearly 1,800 employees.

Tappoo's Values

Our Values

The Tappoo Group’s core values are trust, care and integrity. They permeate everything we do.

Tappoo's Community

Our Community

We support social, educational and community based projects through the Tappoo Foundation to actively serve the nation that has given us birth and mirth.

A Truly Diverse Business

We operate across multiple business sectors and are partners with some of the world’s leading multinationals for the Oceania region.

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