The retail team at the Tappoo Department Store in Sigatoka Town has received a number of glowing reviews from tourists – a testament to the exceptional service they’re committed to providing to all customers.

Australian Brenda Mail has visited the Coral Coast in Fiji many times over the years with her husband Frank, her family and friends and always makes a point of dropping into the Tappoo Sigatoka Store.

“The friendly team at Tappoo in Sigatoka shows nothing but exceptional customer service skills,” added Brenda. “I have no hesitation in recommending a visit to Tappoo in Sigatoka for a fantastic shopping experience with absolutely no pressure to purchase anything.”

“There is no reason for customers to leave Tappoo in Sigatoka without warmth in their hearts, smiles on their faces and a piece of friendly Fijian culture as a direct reflection of Satish, his staff, the company and their outstanding customer service.”

Likewise, Australian high school teacher David Clifton has been visiting Fiji up to four times a year since 2014. “The quality of the service I always receive from Tappoo Sigatoka staff is second to none,” he says.

What truly stands out for him is the service. “It’s always polite, respectful and prompt. Staff will help you in any way they can, and also leave you alone to browse if you want. Having gotten to know two of the staff quite well due to the number of times I am in the store, I can only praise the efforts of both Satish and Saki,” he said.

The Tappoo Group is encouraged by the positive testimonials that our customers are providing and will continue to invest in staff to maintain the very high levels of service our people are committed to delivering to each and every customer that walks into a Tappoo store.

Source: Fiji Sun
Date: 20th August 2019

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