Tappoo is remodelling its 150sq m arrivals store, at the Nadi International Airport where around 95 per cent of the business is liquor tobacco confectionery.

TRBusiness can confirm that the initial plan was to open the revamped store in the first week of December, but it was delayed.

Kaushal Tappoo, Executive Director, Tappoo, told TRBusiness: “The remodelling of the arrivals store is still happening.

“We hope it will increase our liquor business by 15 per cent.

“The fit-out is being undertaken by Kingsmen, who will ensure it looks like a really fantastic and inviting store.

Touch and feel environment

“The design is finalised and the wall-bays are aligned to create that live feel and to encourage consumers to touch and feel brands.”

Last year, Fiji registered the highest number of visitor arrivals since 2008 with number reaching 842,884.

This represents an increase of 6.4 per cent on the previous year (Source: Fiji Bureau of Statistic). With numbers continuing to look positive in 2018 — visitor arrivals in June, for example, rose 6.6 per cent year-on-year to 81, 653 per cent it is easy to see why Tappoo is in optimistic mood.

“Things are going well and business in Fiji is pretty good,” Tappoo remarked: “Tourism numbers are good and there is healthy growth so far.

“We are very optimistic as to where we are going to finish 2018.”

He added: “The good thing is that we grew last year and have pretty much been growing every year.

I am hoping that with the renovations, growth is even higher than what we had in mind.”

Speaking ahead of the general election in the country which took place on November 14, Tappoo was also hoping the existing government would remain in place. This turned out to be the case with Prime Minister Frank Bainimarama’s party winning.

He commented: “The current government is very pro-business and has a ‘how can we help’ attitude which is great.

“We really want them to continue for another term.”

Overseas ambition

Meanwhile, Tappoo Duty Free which holds a 14-year arrivals and departures concession at Nadi International Airport, is refusing to rule out overseas expansion.

“We are definitely going to keep our eyes and ears open in terms of what is coming up in our part of the world, in Australia and New Zealand specifically.

“I think we will participate in some tenders. Tappoo is certainly interested in expanding in the region.”

Speaking of Australia and New Zealand, Tappoo says the company does not focus too much on DF&TR operations in these countries or the region in general.

“We keep an eye on what Australia and New Zealand do, but are not too concerned.”

One thing it is focused on is offering a comprehensive selection of local products alongside its top-selling liquor and tobacco and beauty items.

He explained: “Fiji produces artefacts and local crafts and also has a local vodka called Fiji Coconut.

“This is a great sell because when consumers look at the bottle they realise they won’t find it anywhere else.

“It also provides a good margin so we like to promote it.”

Promotional emphasis

Promotions themselves are a key part of the retailer’s strategy, with a particular emphasis on liquor and confectionery. “Promotions are very important to us,” he acknowledged.

“They are mostly around liquor and confectionery which work really well.

”In terms of perfume, for example, there is not a huge difference in price between Fiji, Sydney and Auckland.”

Looking ahead to 2019, Tappoo will maintain the same positive approach which has served it so well in recent years.

“We are thinking ahead to next year in the sense we want to continue the growth phase.

“We don’t want to come to a situation where we stagnate and look at things when we are flat.

“We want to look at things positively and not think of reasons why we shouldn’t grow next year. Let’s work on how we can register double-digit growth in 2019,” he concluded.

Source: Fiji Sun
Date: 25th December 2018

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